Colleges in Ontario - Get the Best in Education

A Cost Effective Education

Consider that students from all over the planet are moving to Canada for upper tier education. University of Toronto is a top 5 pick on the planet (See University Rankings).

Why pay triple or more to attend college, when Canadian colleges in North America provide incredible education at a low cost? Why pay more for a lesser education? A degree from a Canadian college ensures that your educational dollar gets you a top notch education.

See the cost of Tuition in Canada.

A degree from a Canadian educational institution meets the global standards and the country boasts having some of the highest ranked universities in the world. The University of Toronto is considered one of the top on the planet in world university rankings. McMaster University is also a great place to go to school. Why would you attend college anywhere else? Colleges in Ontario deliver a great education.

Toronto is bigger than Chicago in population size. Torontoo has replaced Chicago as North America’s fourth largest metropolitan area after Mexico City, New York and Los Angeles. Chicago has 16.0 murders per 100,000. New York has a rate of 7.0 murders per 100,000. Toronto does not compare at 1.3 murders per 100,000. Safer & cleaner. Canada also has free Health Care. Below describes how some US citizens get stuck in their neighbor to the north due to US Healthcare costs.

As a Canadian, I have always thought of moving to the States for work. I have also gone to several interviews at companies in multiple cities. Ultimately, I decided to stay at home in Ontario. The lower and upper classes in the US are a grand canyon apart manifesting in the US being fractured on ethnic and financial fault lines. Canada should be considered an alternative. A more innocent country in America, much like the United States was 50 years ago. If nothing else a safe cost effective place to get a quality education.

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