Colleges in Ontario


The Ontario College system is educating the next generation of doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, chemists, engineers, physicians, teachers etc.  Canada gets stronger from the strength of education we provide our youth.  The college system provides Canada’s future leaders. is an organization dedicated to Colleges in Ontario.  Our mandate is to help potential students decipher the complex college landscape in Ontario, Canada.  We list colleges based on the three distinct types of colleges:

  1. Degree Colleges (i.e. Universities)
  2. Community Colleges or Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology
  3. Private Colleges

What does the word College mean in Ontario?

“An educational institution or establishment, in particular one providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training.”

There are 45 publicly funded colleges in Ontario (Degree and Community Colleges). There are over 400 Private Colleges in Ontario.

For potential students – Our intention is to list all Colleges: Degree, Community and Private (Career) Colleges in the province of Ontario.  We want show students all the potential options to help them make a wise choice.  We intend to list all Ontario Colleges with description and multimedia to facilitate school selection.  Tell us if a college is missing from our listings.  College listings are free!

For the Colleges –  We are a listing service which offers free advertising for all institutions across Ontario.  Basic listings are free and always will be free.  Each College receives a free full-page college listing with logo, description and website link (absolutely without cost).

We at are former administrators and instructors from the Ontario College system.  We understand the landscape.  We are owned and operated by 

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Your college reputation becomes your reputation and vice versa. Choose your College wisely and secure your future.