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Best College in Ontario 2021

What is the best College in Ontario in 2021?

  1. Trinity College – The Best College in Ontario (Toronto)
  2. Victoria College – The Second Best College in Ontario (Toronto)
  3. St. Micheal’s College – The Third Best College in Ontario (Toronto)
  4. University College – The Fourth best College in Ontario (Toronto)
  5. Innis College – The Fifth Best College in Ontario (Toronto)

Note that we only rank the academic colleges and not community colleges (colleges of applied arts and technology). In searching for an institution, the prospective student should take into account their own needs…such as desired course of study (e.g. Ontario Veterinarian College, Ontario Agricultural College) location and their tastes. The onus is on the prospective student to choose their future wisely. 

For an overview of College Selection criteria refer to our College Selection Page.

That being said, the University of Toronto is accepted as the best University in Canada overall, and ranks as one of the top institutions on the planet depending on year and the poll. Academically exceptional, its federated colleges have the resources to propel those who attend to succeed.

Why is Trinity College the best in Ontario?

  • Trinity College has a long storied history (Established 1851)
  • Trinity is not for the academically challenged. The College has a first year enrollment of 450 students. Admission is very competitive.
  • The reputation of the college is exceptional.
  • Trinity College is steeped in pride of tradition: academic gowns, thick wooden doors, Gothic architecture, gardens and formal dinners.
  • The cake fight, the pouring out, and many more traditions. You have to attend to experience it. To have your degree signed by the provost at Trinity is to tell the world that you are elite.

Note that Victoria College and St. Micheal’s College are ranked a close 2nd and 3rd. These are fantastic educational institutions also federated with the University of Toronto which provide an excellent college experience. So consider these colleges as well. It is noted that the university of Toronto has online programs through edX if going on campus is not your thing.

The Trinity Quad
Trinity College Toronto

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