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College Meaning in Ontario

What does the word College mean in Ontario?

“An educational institution or establishment, in particular one providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training.”

College versus Community College

A university is usually the parent institution to which colleges are federated and through which they offer an undergraduate education. Universities may offer graduate and doctorate programs whereas smaller federated colleges may only offer undergraduate degrees. The College/University relationship is murky and admittedly there are colleges which offer post graduate programs. Both Universities and Colleges offer higher education or specialized professional or vocational training leading to degrees.

In the case of residential colleges, these colleges offer residences, dining halls and tutorials (and maybe some classes) for those attending the greater University.

Note: Ontario Community Colleges are not degree colleges in the traditional sense, but there is typically a strong transfer process to allow migration from community college upwards to the degree colleges with the ability to transfer earned credits (in part or in whole) due to the vertical alignment of programs. That is to say that those who perform strongly at community college can continue on to undergraduate and graduate studies at degree colleges/universities.

How many publicly funded colleges are there in Ontario?

There are 48 publicly funded colleges in Ontario (Degree and Community Colleges). There are over 400 Private Colleges in Ontario.