College Meaning in Ontario

What does the word College mean in Ontario?

“An educational institution or establishment, in particular one providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training.”

Colleges in Ontario (Definitions)

  • Colleges are smaller institutions offering undergraduate degree programs. Ontario Colleges fitting this description include but not limited to Trinity College, University College, Victoria College and St.Michael’s College.
  • Community Colleges (aka Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology) typically provide diplomas, are trade based and do not focus strongly on academics.
  • An institution that offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees is almost always considered a university.
  • We sort the colleges on this site as follows:

Degree Colleges (or Universities) – Offer professional programs such as Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, Law, Pharmacy etc.

Community Colleges (Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology) – Offer vocational or trade programs such as plumbing, automotive, network administration etc. Community Colleges are publicly funded, and often have programs that lead to a technician or technologist diploma after two/three years respectively.

Private Colleges (or Career Colleges) – Offer vocational or trade programs like Community Colleges but typically at an accelerated rate. In many cases programs last months not years.

There are 45 publicly funded colleges in Ontario (Degree and Community Colleges). There are over 400 Private Colleges in Ontario.