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Demographics of Ontario Canada

Canada is a fantastic place to live with a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities in major urban centres. Canada is 70% Caucasian mostly from the early French and English settlers. These Canadians generally prefer to remain in the countryside or in the suburbs of Canadian cities. Toronto and other major urban centres contain very multicultural environments where enclaves of cultural diversity exist. You can walk through different cultural areas, just by walking through different city blocks. Different languages, different foods etc. See the “Enclaves of Ethnicity in Toronto” here. Toronto has a population that is less than 50% Caucasian, being a very large and multi-cultural world class city. Ontario as a whole has over 15 million in population with about 6.2 million in the greater Toronto area.

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Canada, including Ontario is the best country on the planet. Toronto and other major urban centres have the ability to make migration and settlement an easy transition for students coming to Canada for education who wish to pursue a PGWP for a better life. Your future is in your hands, take action today.

Demographics of Canada (Census 2016)

Canada Census 2016