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Want a first class education for free? Think about joining the Canadian military and getting a paid path for your education. A true Canadian Hero. Keep Canada and the planet safe.

College, university or graduate studies, the Canadian Armed forces (CAF) can help you get there with six paid education programs. If you qualify, the CAF will pay 100% of your school fees, including your tuition, books and academic equipment. Meanwhile, you’ll earn a competitive annual salary and an excellent benefits package including health, dental, vision care and much more. After you graduate, you will be guaranteed a job in your field. Each program requires two months of service for every month of paid education. For more information speak with one of our recruiters.

Canadians are seasoned for battle and ready to protect us. We have participated in the following wars/conflicts.
Fenian Raids
Wolseley Expedition
Mahdist War
North-West Rebellion
Second Boer War
Boxer Rebellion
First World War
Russian Civil War
Armenian–Azerbaijani War
Second World War
Korean War
Turkish Invasion of Cyprus
Persian Gulf War
Rwandan Civil War
Somali Civil War
Bosnian War
Kosovo War
International Force for East Timor
Afghanistan War
Libyan Civil War
2014 military intervention against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Be a Canadian Hero.  Also see Royal Military College.