Community College or College?

Community Colleges (CAAT – Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology ) or Full Degree College (University). Ontario has both types of colleges. The future is yours. Academic or hands-on trade. The points below may help you decide between both paths.

  • Community Colleges generally accept lower high school marks upon admission.
  • Community Colleges are more affordable than degree colleges.
  • Community Colleges have two and three year diploma programs whereas a degree college program takes 4 years.
  • Some Degree Colleges will accept community college diplomas as part credit towards a degree (varies by institution). So the path exists to update your community college diploma to a degree.
  • Community College trains hands-on skills (technician, technologist). Degree College has the professional programs such as engineering, medicine etc. Community College provides Ontario with Engineering Technicians, Degree College provides Ontario with Engineers.
  • A degree will provide a more lucrative future for your family.

There is no shame in going to a community college, especially if you want to be hands-on. If you want to be a professional or in management then pursue a college degree. Alternatively transition to a degree college once you finish your community college.

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