Why College?

  1. You’ll improve your changes of obtaining a high paying job (especially if you graduate from a reputable degree college). The average high school graduate makes approximately $55,000, someone with a college diploma makes on average approximately $65,000 and those with a Bachelor’s degree from a reputable college make on average approximately $85,000.
    Source: Statistics Canada, Census of Population, 2016.
  2. You’ll obtain skills to become easily employable in more and more varied job roles.
  3. You’ll meet friends of the same interests and educational level as you. Maybe even a spouse.
  4. You’ll expand your mind, learn new things. 
  5. Fraternities, Sororities and Clubs.
  6. College Sports. Maybe pursuing education and sports is what you desire. Scholarships are available to those with talent.
  7. Different ethnicity and cultures. Many of use grow up Canadian in our Canadian cultural bubble in smaller cities, towns and hamlets. Attending college in a big city such as Toronto offers us a way to see, experience and interact with different cultures. Ethnicity Maps Toronto.
  8. Don’t have regrets in life. Satisfy your soul. You don’t know what/who you can be until you try. Don’t live your life wishing, instead live your dreams.
  9. Learn how to think.  Colleges such as those colleges at the University of Toronto don’t just provide knowledge. They teach you how to organize your thoughts, think creatively and add to the knowledge collective that is humanity.
  10. Start your life.  Leave home and begin a new chapter and future. Many students choose a college a few hours away from their parents to get their independence.

Elon Musk attended Queen’s University near Kingston Ontario.