Post Secondary Schools

The landscape of Schools in Ontario is not flat but rather contains a hierarchy of institutions.   Schools in Ontario are loosely broken up into three distinct groups:

  • Degree Colleges (or Universities) – Offer professional programs such as Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, Law, Pharmacy etc. To avoid confusion with other types of colleges we have placed degree colleges or Universities at this site.
  • Community Colleges – Offer vocational or trade programs such as plumbing, automotive, Network Administration etc. Community Colleges are publicly funded, and often have programs that lead to a technician or technologist diploma after two/three years respectively. View Community Colleges here.
  • Private Colleges – Offer vocational or trade programs like Community Colleges but typically at an accelerated rate. In many cases programs last months not years. View Private Colleges here.

A University is the wise choice but will cost you more money and time. Always research a school before enrolling (fields of study, reputation, ratings, location, cost etc.). Do your research and get a worthwhile education that will drive your future.